Natural deodorant that works

At Swish, we aim to provide the best natural deodorant that is both effective and good for your body. We take care of your smelly armpits so that you can feel fresh and smell good throughout the day.

A deodorant cream! Say bye-bye to sprays and sticks!

Our natural deodorant cream is made from carefully selected organic and 100% natural ingredients. Our formula deodorizes, nourishes and detoxifies your skin.

Our natural deodorant works on all pits – no matter how much hair you have. Find out more about our deodorant by clicking here.


Dont trust us, trust them !

To get an expert and objective opinion on our natural deodorant formula, we submitted the list of all our ingredients to the team at Yuka, and the result speaks for itself.  

Our natural deodorant got a score of 100/100 and is classified as a risk-free cosmetic.

#RespectYourArmpit ✌️